Integrative Learning Experience


The Integrative Learning Experience (PHS 8930) course is the final requirement of the MPH Program and consists of the following:

  • Completion of the MPH final project poster & paper
  • Class sessions focused on communication and professionalism skills
  • Completion of the MPH review test


You must complete a Methods course and a Final Project Practicum before enrolling in PHS 8930 (or concurrently, with faculty approval).  The research project begun in the Practicum is the basis for the final paper and poster completed in PHS 8930.  This project should be on a topic that reflects your individual interests and goals and allows you to demonstrate foundational and concentration-specific competencies.  You work with your Practicum faculty advisor to select the topic, an appropriate data source, and the analysis methods for your research project.



Although students typically complete the Integrative Learning Experience in their last semester, they are encouraged to begin planning for their final project as early as possible.

It is especially important to begin the process early if IRB approval will be needed.


For more information please contact Dr. Paige Hornsby at