MPH Career Planning

Acquiring and enhancing professional skills and planning for careers are important aspects of the MPH student experience. The UVA MPH Program encourages students to work closely with The University’s Center for Graduate Career Development for assistance in their career planning process. The Center for Graduate Career Development provides the following individualized resources for all Master’s level students:

  • Individual career advising: 60 minute appointments designed to help students discover the broad range of career options for advanced degree holders.
  • Job search materials creation and review: 30-60 minutes appointments to aid students in the creation of CV’s, Resumes, Cover Letters, and other application materials.
  • Mock interviews: 60 minute appointments that simulate a job interview setting. Students will answer interview questions and receive feedback on their responses.
  • Online presence critique: 30-60 minutes appointments to review a student’s online presence (LinkedIn, Facebook, professional website, etc.) and offer feedback for improved professional and consistent online presence.
  • Self-assessment instruments: Administration and review of self-assessment instruments to aid students in career decision making. Assessments include the Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Since public health is such a broad field, students are encouraged to explore the areas that best fit their interests. These tools help students evaluate their skills, interests, and values as they relate to potential career choices.


Job Listing Resources


What are they doing now?  UVA MPH Graduates’ Careers

At UVA there is a strong alumni connection. MPH graduates have gone on to successful careers in many fields including government agencies, health systems, consulting firms, community organizations, not-for-profit groups, NGOs, businesses, and insurance companies.

There are resources available for connecting and networking with UVA alumni.