John P. Mugler, III, PhD

 John P. Mugler III, PhD

Director of Medical Imaging Research
Professor of Radiology and Medical Imaging
Professor of Biomedical Engineering

BS, University of Virginia, 1980
MS, Stanford University, 1981
PhD, Biomedical Engineering, University of Virginia, 1988

University of Virginia
Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging Research
Snyder Translational Research Building – Room 154
480 Ray C. Hunt Dr.
Charlottesville, VA  22903


Research Interests

My research focuses on the development and optimization of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques, and draws on a variety of physics and engineering principles with a strong emphasis on theoretical modeling and simulation, and on practical implementation and evaluation.

Currently, major projects include imaging and spectroscopy of the human lung using hyperpolarized helium- and xenon-based methods, and high-resolution 3-D imaging using conventional proton-based methods.  Hyperpolarized helium and xenon are new MR-based gaseous contrast agents that are particularly well suited for imaging air spaces such as those of the lung.  Hyperpolarized-gas MR provides high-resolution, detailed images of the lung that are far superior in quality to those from any existing clinical imaging method, and offers a variety of approaches for obtaining unique functional information about the lung.  Our research on high-resolution 3-D imaging aims to increase spatial resolution, decrease acquisition time, and improve image quality for methods applicable to routine clinical imaging throughout the human body.

Research Lab

Hyperpolarized Gas MR Imaging

MRI Technique Development


Hyperpolarized xenon-129 gas-exchange imaging of lung microstructure: First case studies in subjects with obstructive lung disease.
Dregely I, Mugler JP 3rd, Ruset IC, Altes TA, Mata JF, Miller GW, Ketel J. Ketel S, Distelbrink J, Hersman FW. Ruppert K.
J Magn Reson Imaging 2011; 33(5):1052-62.

Simultaneous magnetic resonance imaging of ventilation distribution and gas uptake in the human lung using hyperpolarized xenon-129.
Mugler JP 3rd, Altes TA, Ruset IC, Dregely IM, Mata JF, Miller GW, Ketel S, Ketel J, Hersman FW, Ruppert K.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010 Dec 14;50:21707-12.

Magnetic resonance imaging of carotid atherosclerotic plaque in clinically suspected acute transient ischemic attack and acute ischemic stroke.
Parmar JP, Rogers WJ, Mugler JP 3rd, Baskurt E, Altes TA, Nandalur KR, Stukenborg GJ, Phillips CD, Hagspiel KD, Matsumoto AH, Dake MD, Kramer CM.
Circulation. 2010 Nov 16;20:2031-8.

A short-breath-hold technique for lung pO2 mapping with 3He MRI.
Miller GW, Mugler JP 3rd, Altes TA, Cai J, Mata JF, de Lange EE, Tobias WA, Cates GD, Brookeman JR.
Magn Reson Med. 2010 Jan;1:127-36.

Reduction of B1 sensitivity in selective single-slab 3D turbo spin echo imaging with very long echo trains.
Park J, Mugler JP 3rd, Hughes T.
Magn Reson Med 2009; 62:1060-66.

More Publications