Reflections From Our 2024 Graduating Radiology Residents

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UVA Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging’s 2024 graduating residents.

To celebrate and honor our residents graduating in 2024, we asked each of them to share some reflections on their time at UVA as well as their plans for next year.

We’re excited that all of our graduating residents will be returning to UVA Radiology next year for fellowships, though afterwards some will be off to new places. No matter where our graduating residents will be, we wish them every success and happiness. Congratulations to you all!


Dr. Erin Aubrey (right) with their partner.

Erin Aubrey, MD (DR Residency)

Plans for Next Year

I’m staying at UVA for a breast imaging fellowship.

Reflections on Your Time at UVA

It’s hard to believe that these four years of residency are coming to a close. I’m grateful for the dedication of faculty to teaching and thankful to our program directors and co-residents for their constant support in both my professional and personal development.



Dr. Tom Battey (right) skiing with family.

Thomas Battey, MD (DR Residency)

Plans for Next Year

I am staying at UVA for fellowship in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Imaging and will then join the faculty here at UVA.

Reflections on Your Time at UVA

I came to Charlottesville having only visited on my interview day and I have loved this program, department, and town ever since. UVA has been a top notch and highly supportive place to train. I will look back on these years of personal and professional growth fondly with particular thanks for the co-residents, faculty, technologists, and staff who absolutely made the experience for me, as well as my family for their steadfast support and patience. I am especially grateful to my colleagues for trusting me to serve them as chief resident and I am excited to continue working here.


Dr. Vishnu Chandra (right) with their daughter Leena and wife Prerana.

Vishnu Chandra, MD (IR-Integrated Residency)

Plans for Next Year

I will be continuing my interventional radiology training here at UVA!

Reflections on Your Time at UVA

I have loved my past five years at UVA and have grown tremendously during this period, both from a professional and personal standpoint. The incredible mentors and co-residents I’ve worked with during my training have been extremely supportive throughout, especially during the busy and difficult times. UVA has been a wonderful place to train for radiology residency and I’m excited for my final year of IR training at UVA!


Dr. Ellen Faulks (right) with their husband Ben, a graduating nephrology fellow.

Ellen Faulk, MD (DR Residency)

Plans for Next Year

I will be completing a breast fellowship at UVA.

Reflections on Your Time at UVA

I have been fortunate to learn a lot through the diversity of patients and volume here. I look forward to completing a breast fellowship next year!


Dr. Lance Flesch (back center) with their family.

Lance Flesch, MD (DR Residency)

Plans for Next Year

I will be staying here at UVA doing a Body imaging fellowship before heading back to the great motherland of Montana (actually Canada, but it’s cooler to say Montana).

Reflections on Your Time at UVA

The last four years have been formative, as expected. Radiology is such a hard field filled with continuous opportunities for learning which can be fun, and can also be quite daunting. I am filled with gratitude for faculty and co-residents who were so supportive along the way. Our attendings and residency leadership embody what can only be described as servant leadership. Co-residents work in a collaborative way that feels like a community, and never a competition. I don’t think there could have been a better place to go through the process, nor better people. Thanks to you all; and if you are ever in Montana (or Canada), give me a call and we can do some serious Montana-type stuff — you know what I’m talking about.


Dr. William Flowers (center) with UVA internship friends.

William Flowers, MD (DR Residency)

Plans for Next Year

I will be continuing at UVA in Body Fellowship.

Reflections on Your Time at UVA

I am so grateful of the opportunity I was given to train at UVA under and alongside some of the best radiologists and residents in the country. The experience, skills, and knowledge obtained through this program has only been matched by the lifelong relationships fostered among my colleagues. I look forward to the next steps, knowing that I have been well trained at UVA.


Dr. Rabia Idrees (left) and her husband, Tausif, atop Mauna Kea.

Rabia Idrees, MD (DR Residency)

Plans for Next Year

I will be staying at UVA for breast imaging fellowship.

Reflections on Your Time at UVA

The past four years have been the most formative in my development as a radiologist. I will always be grateful to the attendings, staff, and patients at UVA who have taught me so many invaluable lessons. It has been a privilege to train here and I am excited for what’s ahead.


Dr. Dionysios Koroukalis.

Dionysios Koroulakis, MD (DR Residency)

Plans for Next Year

I am excited to be doing a fellowship in neuroradiology at UVA next year.

Reflections on Your Time at UVA

I am extremely grateful for the education I have received at UVA and the support from our program directors and attendings. Not only do I believe my training was fantastic, but I got to know great colleagues who are not only excellent in their fields but also down-to-earth and caring people who really value achieving balance in life. I am very excited for next steps and will look fondly back on my time in residency.


Dr. Marc Kryger (right) with fiancée Alicia Eubanks.

Marc Kryger, MD (IR-Integrated Residency)

Plans for Next Year

I am excited to be married in September and to begin my IR fellowship in July!

Reflections on Your Time at UVA

UVA is a uniquely welcoming place, and a part of me wonders how I could ever leave. Here I have met my wife-to-be, lifelong friends, and senior colleagues whose counsel I can trust in the years to come. I would like to thank all of our attendings for the time they spent training me and my peers. It has been an honor and a privilege.


Dr. Vamsi Meka (left) with their partner Sara.

Vamsi Meka, MD (DR Residency)

Plans for Next Year

I’ll be here spending another year here in Charlottesville as a fellow in the Body Division.

Reflections on Your Time at UVA

My 2nd four years at UVA were just as good as the first, if not more fulfilling. I greatly enjoyed growing as a radiologist and a professional with my colleagues and mentors here. I’m looking forward to spending another great year in Charlottesville!




Dr. Christopher Sears.

Christopher Sears, MD (DR Residency)

Plans for Next Year

I will be staying at UVA as a Body Imaging fellow.

Reflections on Your Time at UVA

I have very much enjoyed my time at UVA and in Charlottesville. My training has been excellent, but what I’ll remember most are the friendships I’ve forged with my colleagues and mentors.







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