Reagents For Use with forteBIO Molecular Interactions Instrument

Required and suggested supplies for fortéBIO Octet RED96


These validated plates must be used:
96 well, black, flat bottom, polypropylene, 200 µL well.
Greiner Cat. No. 655209.  VWR Cat. No. 82050-784. Fisher Cat. No. 50-320-828

There are multiple Octet models, some of which can use other plates. We have the Octet RED96 for which only the plates above can be used.

Biotinylation reagents

Kits suggested by fortéBIO.
EZ-Link NHS-PEG4-Biotin (Thermo, part no. 21329)
NHS-PEG12-Biotin (Thermo, part no. 21312)
Sulfo-NHS-LC-LC-Biotin (Thermo, part no. 21338)

Desalting spin columns

Suggested by fortéBIO
Zeba Spin Desalting Columns, 0.5mL, 25 columns (Thermo, part no. 89882)
Zeba Spin Desalting Columns, 0.5mL, 50 columns (Thermo, part no. 89883)

For desalting 30-130 µL of compounds larger than 7,000 Da

Biocytin blocking agent for streptavidin surfaces

EZ-Link biocytin, 100 mg. Thermo part 28022


Kinetics buffer, 50 ml of 10X, fortéBIO part 18-5032

reagent/sample diluent (based on PBS), fortéBIO part 18-5028, for quantitation sensors