GeoMx® Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP)


GeoMx® Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP) from NanoString is enables high-plex spatial and molecular profiling technologies by generating a whole tissue image at single cell resolution and digital profiling data for RNA or Protein analytes in tissue specimens on slides. Tissue slides are stained with large panels of pre-mixed biological probes, which each contains a unique, UV-cleavable protein or DNA barcode; and fluorescently-labeled morphology markers to visually or computationally elucidate the morphology of the tissue. Using the morphology markers for guidance, then ROIs are selected and are illuminated with UV light. The cleaved barcodes from these ROIs are then counted on an nCounter platform (NanoString) or NGS readout which allows the spatial and molecular profiling generating up to 10’s-1,000’s of proteins or RNA analytes.

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The NanoString GeoMx®Service is supported by the collaborative efforts of four core facilities at the University of Virginia: Spatial Core Biology, GATC, Bioinformatics and the BTRF.

Since DSP experiments are complex, we require an initial consultation so that we may assist you with planning and design of your experiment. Please feel free to schedule an appointment with the directors of the BTRF and the Spatial Biology core to schedule your consultation. The major determinants of overall project cost will be the number of desired slides to be processed, type of assays, number of region of interest (ROI) and size, and nCounter/sequencing requirements.