Pathology Archives

As a byproduct of the standard histologic processing that occurs during the clinical activities of the UVA Health System, tissue samples are present as formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) blocks in the archives of the Department of Pathology. These samples represent biopsies, surgical resections and autopsies. These samples are part of the medical record, but excess material in these specimens may be used for research purposes with appropriate review by the Institutional Review Board, and with oversight by appropriate members of the Department of Pathology.

The Faculty Director of the BTRF, Dr. Chris Moskaluk, is a member of the clinical faculty of the Pathology Department and can offer supervised access to materials that reside within the clinical archives of the Pathology Department. This includes glass slides as well asĀ  FFPE tissue samples. Researchers outside of the Dept. of Pathology requesting access to such materials are directed to obtain appropriate approval from the Institutional Review Board for Health Sciences Research and to submit an application to the BTRF.