Services Offered 2023

Biospecimen Services - tissueFFPE tissue with histologic QC 
FFPE tissue without histologic QC 
fresh tissue with histologic QC 
fresh tissue without histologic QC 
frozen tissue with histologic QC 
frozen tissue without histologic QC 
frozen tissue without QC-addt'l aliquot 
cell dissociation from tissue & freezing, non-enzymatic digest 
cell dissociation from tissue & freezing, with enzymatic digest 
Biospecimen Services - biofluidsbuffy coat / buccal swab aliquot, frozen, std vol
plasma aliquot, frozen, std vol
serum aliquot, frozen, std vol
whole blood aliquot, fresh, 0.1 - 1.0 mL
whole blood aliquot, fresh, 1.1 - 3.0 mL
whole blood aliquot, fresh, 3.1 - 10.0 mL
PBMC aliquot, cryopreserved viable, std vol
PBMC aliquot, cell pellet non-viable, std vol
fluid specimen processing, simple 
fluid specimen processing, complex 
PBL isolation from blood (BP-CPT tube) 
PBL isolation from blood (FP w/o red top) 
PBL isolation from blood (Ficoll Paque) 
cytology specimen processing, smears 
cytology specimen processing, smears w/o pickup 
Histology Services Tissue processing and embedding, tissue supplied to facility in casettes
cell pellet processing and paraffin embedding
macrodissection of tissue 
paraffin section, first cut 
paraffin section, additional cut 
paraffin section, scroll 
H&E staining 
frozen section, first cut 
frozen section, additional cut 
cytospin, first 
cytospin, additional 
ImmunohistochemistryIHC development & titration, single stain 
IHC development & titration, double stain 
IHC development & titration, multiplex addt'l stain
antigen retrieval 
immunohistochemistry, single stain
immunohistochemistry, double stain 
immunohistochemistry, multiplex, addt'l stain 
Chromogenic in situ Hybridization CISH development & validation of new assay
CISH assay, per slide
Tissue Microarray Production TMA grid design and setup
histologic review of donor tissue
TMA construction, core placement 
TMA histologic QC
Tissue Microarray Slides common human carcinoma TMA 
normal tissue survey TMA 
ovarian carcinoma survey TMA 
Hourly Services services, technician 
services, technician (OT rate) 
services, director 
services, pathologist 
Slide Scanning Servicesslide scanning, 20X 
slide scanning, 40X 
Image storage
Image analysis
Equipment usagescryostat usage 
NanoDrop usage
training, cryostat 
Nucleic Acid Extraction ServicesAll-Prep, frozen or fresh tissue 
DNA isolation, formalin-fixed tissue 
DNA isolation, frozen or fresh tissue 
RNA isolation, formalin-fixed tissue 
RNA isolation, frozen or fresh tissue 
GeoMx Digital Profiling Services (DSP)Initial consultation and experimental design
Slide preaparation
Processing slide on GeoMx platform
ROI selection & AOI collection
Ncounter assay /Library prep for sequencing
Initial data analysis
Storage Services  liquid nitrogen
minus 80
minus 20
collection retrieval
Supplies & miscellaneous dry ice 
external shipping charges 
freezer box, cryo. (81x81) 
freezer box, std. 2 in. (81x81) 
shipping kit, standard 
slide box, 100-place 
slide box, 25-place 
slide box, 5-place 
special order reagents & supplies