Veterans Honored at UVA Health: Daniel Griffith, DHA, MBA, US Army Veteran

November 17, 2022 by

“Veterans Day, observed annually on Nov. 11, is a federal holiday for honoring military veterans who served in the United States Armed Forces. There are many veterans who work here at UVA Health… Thank you to all veterans, here at UVA Health and across the Commonwealth, country, and world, for your service.” — from UVA Connect


Dan Griffith

Daniel Griffith, U.S. Army

At UVA Health Daniel Griffith, DHA, MBA, is an Assistant Administrator for Operations, Department of Emergency Medicine.

Service: U.S. Army, Sergeant First Class (SFC, E7); 1994-2014; Command Paralegal

What does Veterans Day mean to you? “Recognizing freedom is not free, it is paid for by the blood, tears, and sacrifice of our nation’s most precious resource, our sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters — our military service members and their families. The path to our freedom, our democracy, and our future is paved with the names of service members past, present, and ideally the future. Veterans Day is a day to recognize that service is a volunteer process in the United States, not a mandate, and that the commitment is great, the sacrifice is heavy, but as a veteran, it was my privilege to serve, to commit to defend our nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and to be recognized on this day is icing on top of a precious gift of service. As we just went through and election time and preparing for another in two years for more national-level offices, Veterans Day is special that we come together to recognize that we are a nation, not parties, and we need to appreciate one another and appreciate our freedoms within the United States and discussions, debates, and elections are a freedom that we should not be battling and abusing one another over. Thank you for recognizing all veterans and their families for the service and sacrifice.”

portrait of Daniel Griffith at awards ceremony

How did your military experience impact your role in healthcare? “The military trained and provided me experiences to lead others, to look at the big picture, and to value the teamwork and team dynamics that makes success a standard. I have been with the Department of Emergency Medicine for nine years; through the events of August 2017 and through the pandemic preparation, response, and vision of success. My time in the Army made me appreciate grace and mercy that allowed me to engage in the work that required dedication and team-focused drive required to make it through difficult and bleak times during duty; service pre-9/11 through service in many overseas locations. With that being said, I will say that without a doubt, the staff and physicians in the Emergency Department are some of the finest people I have had the privilege to work with, and for, in my time here and in the 20 years on active duty. My military service allows me to accept individuals as individuals and appreciate service, commitment, and dedication at levels greater than oneself. Thank you to the Army for allowing me to serve and thank you to UVA and the Department of Emergency Medicine for allowing me to continue to serve.”