doctor Thomas Hartka wearing his white lab coat

Dr. Thomas Hartka, Interim Vice-Chair of Research, Department of Emergency Medicine

Our research team is committed to advancing medical research, with a particular emphasis on trauma biomechanics and the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in clinical medicine. We are proud to collaborate with the Center for Applied Biomechanics, the largest academic biomechanics laboratory in the world, to advance automotive safety and improve the safety of our military. Additionally, we offer a Research Fellowship focusing on data science and AI, designed to cultivate the next generation of innovators in this rapidly evolving field. Our Emergency Medicine Research Office plays a crucial role in executing clinical studies, furthering our understanding of emergency care.

We invite you to join us as we continue to contribute to the betterment of emergency care through dedicated research and collaboration.

Thomas Hartka, MD, MS, MDMS
Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine
Interim Vice-Chair of Research

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to improve patient outcomes and emergency care through performing impactful research and training the next generation of Emergency Medicine researchers.

Our vision is to be a premier emergency medicine research program internationally known for our expertise in trauma biomechanics and the application of artificial intelligence to emergency care. We seek to advance medical research through performing robust and reproducible science, publishing articles that change the practice of Emergency Medicine, training successful research fellows, facilitating faculty projects, and engaging learners in research.

Research Faculty and Staff

EMRO (Emergency Medicine Research Office) supports the advancement of health care by enrolling research participants with a standard of excellence in respect and safety for persons with the highest regard for regulations.  Our inclusive mission extends to broaden participation in quality research, to benefit the institution, the research participants, and society as a whole.


The EMRO Team L to R front to back: Ashley Simpson, George Glass III, MD, Thomas Hartka, MD, MS, Colleen Mullins, Andrew Muck, MD & Chair of Emergency Medicine, Joseph Ash, MD, Betsy Sachs, Sarah Homan, and Alex Schwartz