Emergency Medicine Research Office (EMRO)

Mission Statement

EMRO supports the advancement of health care by enrolling research participants with a standard of excellence in respect and safety for persons with the highest regard for regulations.  Our inclusive mission extends to broaden participation in quality research, to benefit the institution, the research participants, and society as a whole.

Research team smiling at the camera while standing on the steps of the Old Medical School

Back Row L-R: Alex Schwartz, Dr. George Glass, Dr. Robert O’Connor, Dr. Thomas Hartka. and Anjali Kapil. // Front Row L-R: Kathleen Acevedo, Ashley Simpson, Miranda West, and Dr. Mark Sochor.

Purpose of Clinical Research

Whenever we have a new test, device, or drug we need to test it on real people in real situations to see how well it works. Sometimes, certain studies may have a direct benefit to the study participant – other times, the information we obtain could help patients that come in the future.  The short video below, provided by the National Institute of Health Research, will provide additional information on clinical research, what is it and its importance.