Emergency Medicine Research Office

Mission Statement

EMRO supports innovation to improve health care by enrolling research participants representative of patient populations with the utmost respect for persons and managing research projects in compliance with regulations and guidance. Our inclusive mission extends to broaden participation in quality research, to benefit the institution, the research participants, and society as a whole.

Purpose of Clinical Research

Whenever we have a new test, device, or drug we need to test it on real people in real situations to see how well it works. If it is not at least as good as the usual care, then it will not be approved for clinical use. Sometimes, certain studies may have a direct benefit to the study participant – other times, the information we obtain could help patients that come in the future.

Patient Recruitment

The type of research we do in Emergency Medicine is reliant on patients who come to the Emergency Department or are admitted to the hospital and are interested in participating. Our research staff is on-site from 8am-11pm Monday-Friday, with additional availability overnight and on weekends. Our goal is to be inclusive and extend the opportunity to participate in research to as many qualified patients as possible. If you come to UVA as a patient, you may be approached by one of us if you potentially qualify for a study!

Research Coordinators

Desmarie Sherwood, CRCt

Ashley Simpson, CRCt