1540 Jefferson Park Ave, S454 Gibson Hall



Gelfand, Bradley

Blinding disease age-related macular degeneration, utilizing the tools of immunology, molecular biology, and engineering.

Swanberg, Michael C

Health Disparities Research, Maternal/Child Health, Mindfulness-based interventions.

Larson, Tracy Alison

Integrative Behavioral Neuroscience

VA, 1340 JPA Pinn Hall 6047A Charlottesville

Machan, Charles William

Energy-relevant catalysis, particularly at the interface of molecular electrochemistry and materials

Basu, Ananda

Artificial Pancreas / clinical and translational science / Integrated Carbohydrated Phsiology and Translation

Mohi, Golam

Cell signaling, hematopoietic stem cell biology, molecular and epigenetic mechanisms of leukemia.

Redemann, Stefanie

Spindle assembly, the structure function relation and the basics of the huge
variability of spindle size, architecture and mechanics between different tissues as well
as different species