Adult Neurology Residency Training Program


Mission Statement

The Adult Neurology Residency Program at the University of Virginia promotes an environment founded upon the education and training of its residents, focusing on the quality of (1) patient care, (2) resident well-being, and (3) professional development. We serve a diverse patient population and value diversity in our training programs. Our training programs are designed to provide the necessary acumen for all aspects of a career in neurology, including proficiency in the neurological exam, localization of disease, the neurological formulation, exposure to clinical and basic science research, evidence-based practice, team building, and leadership. By this foundation, we hope to inspire the UVA Neurologist towards a successful career of their choosing, whether as clinician, scientist, and/or educator, and encourage them to practice by the ideals of our program inspiring future generations to come.


A Message from the Adult Neurology Residency Program Directors

Dear Applicants,

Thank you for your interest in the UVA Neurology Residency Program!  It is truly an exciting time for our field with novel advances and opportunities arising each day.  In just the past year, we have witnessed the development of groundbreaking treatments across a range of neurological disorders including stroke, multiple sclerosis, spinal muscular atrophy, migraine, and others.

At UVA Neurology, we foster a supportive clinical learning environment in which faculty and trainees collaborate at a peer level in patient care and academic pursuits. We emphasize direct 1:1 mentorship for education and career development, as well as a small group-based pod system focused on wellness and quality of life. In addition to world class learning in a high volume academic medical center, unique educational offerings include neurology field clinics in Southwest Virginia, global health opportunities via international rotations, and exposure to a burgeoning teleneurology program through the UVA Center for Telehealth.

We appreciate your interest and hope you will consider applying for a position in the upcoming application cycle.  For more information, please visit the remainder of our website or contact our Medical Education Office at (434) 982-3839 or You can also check us out on Instagram and Twitter @uvaneurology.

On behalf of our faculty, residents, and staff, we look forward to meeting you soon!


Nicole Chiota-McCollum, M.D., M.Ed., Program Director
Derek Bauer, M.D., Associate Program Director

Andy Reddy, C-TAGME, Medical Education Coordinator



Education Programs

Our Chair, Program Directors, and Residents describe in-depth the Neurology Department education and research programs at the University of Virginia School of Medicine.



A Letter Concerning the Events of August 12, 2017

Nearly three years ago, the world viewed Charlottesville through the lens of the news: the poignant headlines, the graphic photos, and the videos played on repeat. The Unite the Right rally that took place in Charlottesville on Saturday, August 12th, 2017, has been widely publicized and characterized in many ways and on a national level. As our community works to process these incidents and move forward, we, as UVA Neurology resident physicians, feel that it is important to share our experiences.

Watching the events of that weekend unfold was disturbing and surreal. We are heartbroken that this horrifying display of racism and hatred found a national stage in our city. It is difficult to comprehend that these events transpired in our home – in the places where we live and work, get together with friends and family to share dinner, enjoy a concert, or catch up over a cup of coffee. While we did not expect something of this magnitude to come to our city, it provided us with the opportunity for self-reflection as individuals, health care providers, and citizens of the world.

We as a community recognize that racism is a real and important problem. However, this experience has emphasized our belief that training in an inclusive community with people of diverse backgrounds and varied perspectives makes us better doctors. We have seen the strength that community can provide in times of adversity to do honorable deeds that outshine destructive acts. We are proud of the response of the UVA Medical Center, our fellow residents and colleagues, and emergency response teams working that weekend to treat the injured. As a program, we came together to make sure our fellow Neurology residents were safe. While we move forward, we continue to band together in healing and strive to make our city a better place. Each one of us feels privileged to be a member of the UVA Department of Neurology family. We are grateful to train at this great institution, live in this close-knit town, and serve this community.

The violence of that weekend is not the image we think of when reflecting on our city and community. We see a vibrant town where messages of love are inscribed in chalk on a slate wall for downtown passersby to admire. We see our book and film festivals, concerts, and Saturday morning farmer’s market. We see a town that comes together on a mountainside to watch the summer sunset. We see a community that turns something vicious into a constant reminder that we stand together against bigotry. We see a strong town shaped by history, but inspired by the present, and for this we are proud to be here.


The Residents of UVA Neurology