General Wilson Leadership Podcast

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Former Program Director Dr. Ted Burns introduces and interviews General Sam Wilson about Leadership. General Wilson speaks of the need for Leadership in Healthcare. He retired after a 40 year active military career in Special Ops and Intelligence.

General Wilson is also the former president of Hampden-Sydney college in Virginia. For more about General Wilson, please check out his wikipedia page, searchable using General Sam V. Wilson, for example.

This interview with General Wilson was conducted as part of the ongoing Leadership Series of our UVA Neurology Residency Program, a popular series that includes reading and discussing one to two books on leadership per year. This course is optional (not mandatory) and residents feel no pressure to participate (but it is quite popular).

The course also involves participation from interested Neurology Faculty too, including the Program Director, Chair and others in leadership positions at our institution, who provide insight based on their own experiences.