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2013 – Innovations in Policing

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5 November 2013, Washington DC

View the Executive Summary of the Innovations in Policing Conference by clicking the link: Innovations in Policing Exec Summary

2011 – CIAG “Insider Threats” Conference, Presentation by John Miller

2011 – CIAG Somali Piracy Conference, Follow-Up Presentation

March 13, 2011

2012 – Federal Critical Incident Response

25-27 March 2012, Rouss Hall, University of Virginia

Participants include Steve Tidwell (FBI Acad.), Shaun Casey (Wesley Theol. Seminary), and Simeon Yates (Sheffield-Hallam Univ., UK)

2009 – Resolving Hostage Crises: Lessons from Colombia

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2008 – Suicide by Cop: Averting the Crisis

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Cyber Incursions: Erosions of Security and Social Trust?

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2007 – Root, Stem and Branch Home-Grown Radicals and the Limits of Terrorism

2006 – Critical Intelligence, Communication, and Response: Formatting Lessons of the Recent Terrorist Attacks to Future Threats

2005 – Hostage to Terrorism: Governmental and Non-Governmental Response Strategies

2004 – Countering Suicide Terrorism: Risks, Responsibilities and Realities

2003 – Communicating in Crisis

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2001 – Public Responsibility and Mass Destruction: Facing the Threat of Bioterrorism

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2000 – Threats to Symbols of American Democracy

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1999 – Terrorist Threat to American Presence Abroad