Who We Are

Our Mission

UVA Hospital Medicine seeks to ensure that all patients receive high quality care that is safe, equitable, efficient, effective, and patient-centered.  We pride ourselves on delivering compassionate care and working to understand and mitigate the impacts of social determinants of health.

Apart from our clinical work, we strive for excellence in many other domains including: medical education, research, and quality improvement and patient safety. We also seek to mentor and educate the next generation of clinicians and to lead research and innovation to improve individual patient and health system outcomes.


Explore what has led some of our hospitalists to pursue a career with the University of Virginia / UVA Health and to enjoy all that life in the Charlottesville-Albemarle region of Virginia has to offer!

What is a "Hospitalist"

Physicians board-certified in internal medicine who practice exclusively in the hospital setting are called “hospitalists.” As hospitalists, we serve as the hub in the many-spoked wheel of inpatient medicine and coordinate care for individual patients with an array of services and specialists. Responsibilities include initial evaluation, diagnosis and hospital-based treatment for a wide range of acute and chronic medical conditions. Hospitalists orchestrate complex care across the continuum from admission through discharge in close partnership with other health care professionals including nurses, social workers, pharmacists and physical therapists.

Throughout the pandemic, hospitalists have been at the frontlines of care for those with complications of COVID-19 and adapted operational and clinical care paradigms to the unique challenges of this patient population.

Clinical Care

Clinical diversity is a strength of the Hospital Medicine program. We care for patients on a variety of teaching and non-teaching services including general medicine, orthopedic co-management, and medical oncology at the UVA hospital. We gain significant exposure to students and residents on traditional teaching services and on direct care services such as the ‘acting internship’ rotation and the inpatient medicine consult elective.

In 2021, the Hospital Medicine program shifted to an ‘admitter-rounder’ model to improve workflow efficiency, patient throughput, and physician satisfaction. This model allows for a direct care hospitalist to either admit patients in the Emergency Department or ‘round’ on patients already admitted to the hospital. Separating these roles and maintaining staffing flexibility allows us to keep our direct care patient census close to 10 encounters per day as we strive to maintain high quality care and strong quality of life for our physicians.