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The UVA Pediatric Home Visit Program began in 1995 with the belief that home visits can have a profound impact on young physicians in training. Over the years this program has served an important role in teaching physicians in training the art of making “house calls”, the importance of a thorough social history, but how often our complex familial, social, economic and cultural differences are the greatest determinants of health and healing.

Home visit residents“Humanistic medicine takes account of these human dimensions of illness and healing: What the doctor knows – not just assumes – about the patient-as-person and his or her familial, social, economic, and cultural circumstances can make all the difference in how the patient’s illness is approached and managed, and in whether or not the patient heals.

How can we help young clinicians learn who the person is? When residents make home visits, they learn first-hand that these variances must be addressed if the understanding between doctor and patient, and the treatments they agree upon, are to have any possibility of success.”

– Dr. Leigh Grossman, Program Founder

The UVA Pediatric Home Visit Program continues today as an integral part of our residency training program and service to our patient community. Once a month, pediatricians from UVA visit patients in their homes for routine well child care as well as sick visits.

For more information regarding the Home Visit Program, please call the UVA Birdsong General Pediatric Clinic at the Battle Building at (434) 924-5321 or contact:

Amy C. Brown, M.D., M.H.S.
Director, UVA Pediatric Home Visit Program