Primary Care Track

UVA Pediatric Residency Primary Care Track 

Co-Directors: Drs. Shakun Gupta & Sarah Boggs



This track is intended to give residents the opportunity to gain additional primary care focused clinical and professional education, additional expertise in mental health, and clinical exposure to community pediatric office models to facilitate successful transition into careers in general pediatrics.

Application process  

  • During intern interviews, a brief overview of the Primary Care Track (PCT) will be presented
  • Resident candidates who express interest during their interview day will have a separate information session (virtually) with Dr. Boggs or Dr. Gupta
  • Acceptance criteria: After Match Day, interested applicants should provide a letter of intent as well as a letter of supportfrom their pediatric clerkship director
  • Up to 2 residents per year will be selected by Dr. Boggs and Dr. Gupta and approved by the Program Directors to participate in the PCT with a directed curriculum alternative. Additional residents may also participate in the didactic sessions and mentorship aspects of the program.

General structure

  • Residents will follow a directed, alternative clinical curriculum that is primary care focused
  • Didactics: one Lunch-and-Learn session per month on a primary care clinical or professional topic led by UVA faculty and community primary care partners
  • Residents will complete a mental health certification through AAP Echo or the REACH institute training program
  • Each resident will complete a primary care focused scholarly or community outreach activity
Resident with Community Mentor

Resident with Community Mentor

Through participation in the Primary Care Track, residents will

  • Reinforce knowledge of common clinical primary care topics
  • Acquire additional expertise in the mental health care of children and adolescents, with advanced certification through an AAP ECHO or the REACH institute program
  • Gain confidence in applying for and obtaining a job in primary care
  • Develop an understanding of practice management and workflow through real-time experience in a community practice
  • Build skills in community outreach and practice improvement

Additional Expected Outcomes

  • Participants who successfully complete the PCT will earn a designation of Distinction in Primary Care Pediatrics upon graduation
  • Foster hiring of UVA graduating residents into regional practices

Example Monthly Topics, 2 year cycle:

Year One
Intro to the Track/Expectations
Career Panel (including private practice, FQHC, academic)
Office emergencies
What to look for in a practice and writing a primary care CV
Phone Triage
Orthopedic injuries in primary care
Job interviewing & contracts/negotiation, loan repayment
Go-to antibiotics for common infections
Billing & coding
Behavior issues and discipline in young children
Pharmacology: ADHD
Graduating resident presentations
Year Two
Intro to the Track/Expectations
Career panel (including private practice, FQHC, academic)
Normal/delayed/precocious puberty
What to look for in a practice and writing a primary care CV
Advice for common parenting questions
Adolescent sexual health/menstrual issues
Job interviewing & contracts/negotiation, loan repayment
Assessing and addressing adolescent mental health
Pharmacology: anxiety/depression
Billing & coding
Medication management in asthma
Graduating resident presentations