Program Structure

Radiation oncology is that branch of clinical medicine concerned with the causes and prevention of cancer, and the treatment of cancer and certain non-neoplastic conditions utilizing ionizing radiation. Radiation oncologists are an integral part of the multi-disciplinary management of cancer patients. They must collaborate closely with physicians and health care professionals in related disciplines in the management of cancer patients.

Our residency program’s mission is to educate and train physicians to be skillful in the practice of radiation oncology, and to be caring and compassionate in the treatment of patients. The training is aimed to develop clinical expertise in oncology physical exams, clinical expertise in oncology diagnosis and clinical judgment, and patient management skills necessary for providing high quality state of the art therapeutic radiation therapy for oncology patients. This training will consist of direct mentorship and didactic instruction in: the areas of clinical radiation oncology; treatment planning; radiation physics and safety; and radiobiology. To accomplish this goal, adequate structure, facilities, faculty, patient resources, and a structured educational environment will be provided.

UVA Radiation Oncology Policies and Guidelines