Keynote Lectures Series

The UVA Radiology Keynote Lecture Series brings experts and thought leaders from across the globe to the department for lectures and discussions on major topics in radiology and medicine.

These lectures are designed to provide unique insights, stimulate discussion and offer critical resources for further learning. Keynote Lectures are open to the entire UVA Health community as well as radiologists and care providers across the world.

Upcoming Lectures

There are currently no scheduled UVA Radiology Keynote Lectures. When details about upcoming lectures are available they will be added to this page.

Past Lectures

How the Tsunami of Health Data Impacts Medical Education – and How to Prepare the Next Generation

Speakers: Dr. Michael Dake, Dr. Cree Gaskin, Dr. Michael Spaeder and Dr. Christolph Wald
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Practice Models in Modern Radiology: Traditional, Private Equity, Consortia, Venture Capital and Others

Speakers: Dr. Arl Van Moore, Jr., Dr. Howard B. Fleishon and Dr. Frank J. Lexa
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D-IRgonomics: Environmental and Behavioral Modifications to Optimize Radiologist Well-Being and Performance

Speaker: Robin Riddle, PT, DPT
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Incivility in Healthcare: What Should You Do When the Patient is the Perpetrator?

Speakers: Dr. Alan Matsumoto, Dr. Dhara Kinariwala, Dr. Timothy Rooney and Dr. Amy Taylor
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State-of-the-Art Cross-Sectional Imaging After Trans-Arterial Therapies Especially TARE of Hepatic Malignancies

Speakers: Dr. Frank Miller, Dr. Rachita Khot and Dr. A.J. Pesch
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Are You an Expert? A Case-Based Assessment of Medicolegal Expertise

Speakers: Robert L. Vogelzang, MD, Thomas A. Sos, MD and Mary Lee Jensen, MD
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Checklists Are Not Enough: Safety and Quality in U.S. Healthcare Challenges from Stratosphere to Ground

Speakers: Andy Pasztor, Tracey Hoke, MD, MSc, Arun Krishnaraj, MD, MPH and Michael Dake, MD
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When You Are the Target: A Case Study and Expert Panel Discussion on Racism, Bias and Prejudice Against Healthcare Providers

Speakers: Dr. Tracy Downs, Dr. Raymond Liu, Dr. Sanjay Misra, Dr. Kim Penberthy, Dr. Margaret Plews-Ogan and Dr. Arturo Saavedra
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Intentions Aren’t Enough: Dismantling Barriers to Health Equity
Speakers: Dr. Jacqueline Bello, Dr. Art Saavedra and Dr. Lucy Spalluto
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Yes, You: Addressing Anti-Racism and Cultural and Self-Awareness in Healthcare
Speakers: Dr. Carolyn Meltzer, Dr. Alex Norbash and Sanford Williams
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Reflections on Being a First
Speaker: Dr. Geraldine McGinty, MD
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Extraordinary Times and Stressors
for Healthcare Providers
Speakers: J. Corey Feist, JD, MBA, and Dr. Taison Bell, MD
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An Overview of Gadolinium Deposition – Is It a Real Concern?
Speaker: Dr. David F. Kallmes, MD
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Applied Ethics in Radiology
Speaker: Dr. Eric J, Keller, MD, MA
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Resilience in Healthcare
Speaker: Dr. Kimberly Penberthy, MA, PhD, ABPP
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