Alexander Saffran, MD

University of Virginia Alexander Saffran, MD, Anesthesiology Resident

Alexander Saffran, M.D.
Virginia Commonwealth University

Hometown: Fairfax Station, Virginia

Undergraduate School: University of Rochester

Medical School: VCU School of Medicine

Hobbies/Outside Interests: Cooking, traveling, trying new restaurants, swimming, and working out!

Favorite things about/to do/to eat in Charlottesville: Exploring new restaurants and wineries!

Why did you choose UVA? I was drawn to the training/learning opportunities that UVA had to offer, though during my interview, I saw how happy the residents/faculty were to be at UVA which is what solidified my decision.

Anesthesiology Interests: Pediatrics, Cardiac, Transplant, Trauma

Favorite Rotation: Still waiting to rotate on different services, though I’ve enjoyed being in the main OR!

What’s the best piece of career advice you ever got?: Become a lifelong student of your craft and never stop learning.