Transplant Anesthesia

UVA performs all solid organ transplants except small bowel transplants, and residents get an early and extensive exposure to these complex and exciting cases. Starting in the CA0 year you may have the opportunity to do a living or deceased donor kidney transplant, of which we do around 120 per year. Beginning in the CA1 year, residents will have the opportunity to participate in liver transplants (70-80/year) which can be some of the most challenging anesthetics to perform due to the massive blood loss, metabolic derangements, arrhythmias, and fluid shifts.

As a CA2 and CA3, you will have more opportunity to participate in liver transplants, including a capstone CA3 liver transplant. This capstone CA3 rotation will cover all transplants which occur and solidify your understanding of the management of these difficult cases. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to take care of patients for heart transplantation (30/year) and lung transplantation (30-50/year and growing).