Medical Students

The Department of Anesthesiology welcomes medical students at all levels to explore the world of anesthesia!

UVA School of Medicine Education Building

UVA School of Medicine Education Building houses the majority of our medical student courses and lectures and his home to our nationally accredited Medical Simulation Center.

The American Society of Anesthesiology wants to help educate future anesthesiologists!  Explore what an anesthesiologist does and how to get there!

Medical Students and Simulation

Third Year Required Clerkship: SAGO

Course Director: Vaia Abatzis, MD
Associate Course Director: Jessica Sheeran, MD
Assistant Course Directors: Ashley Garneau, MD and Eryn Thiele, MD

During the 12-week Surgery, Anesthesiology, Gynecology & Obstetrics rotation, students rotate through ambulatory, inpatient and operating room settings of the surgical, women’s health, simulations, and anesthesiology services, spending one dedicated week on an anesthesiology rotation.

Please visit our SAGO Clerkship Website on VMED for more information.

Fourth Year Medical Student Rotations

We offer multiple elective courses for fourth-year UVA medical students:

  • Anesthesiology 1001, 4-week or 2-week options
  • Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Medicine, 2-weeks
  • Obstetric Anesthesia, 2-weeks
  • Cardiac Anesthesia and TEE, 2-weeks
  • Chronic Pain Medicine, 2-weeks

We welcome visiting fourth-years to our 4-week Anesthesiology elective, application details below.