Pediatric Anesthesia Rotation

“A Day in the Life of a UVA Resident on PEDs” video
provided by Samantha Smith, CA1(2020)  ~click link above to view

Because 20% of the patients at the University of Virginia are children, anesthesiology residents will treat children on at least a weekly basis throughout their residency. The specialty rotation in pediatric anesthesia, two one-month rotations, is intended to concentrate the experience the resident receives in the care of the pediatric patient.

pediatricThe UVA Children’s Hospital, comprised of pediatric specialists in surgery, otolaryngology, urology, ophthalmology, neurosurgery, and orthopedic surgery, provides ample opportunity for the anesthesia resident to give anesthetic care to the pediatric patient. The experience varies from routine outpatient cases in the ambulatory setting to cases at University Hospital, where we provide anesthetic care of patients undergoing major surgical procedures in all of the disciplines listed above. Regional anesthesia for perioperative analgesia is stressed and co-ordinated with the Acute Pain Service for post-operative management. The University of Virginia also has a pediatric intensive care unit as well as a neonatal intensive care unit where the resident can obtain special experience in the particular management needs of these patients.

Three pediatric anesthesia textbooks have been written at the University of Virginia: The Anesthetic Management of Routine and Difficult Pediatric Patients, Pediatrics for the Anesthesiologist, and Anesthetic Implications of Genetic and Metabolic Syndromes in Children. Additionally, the faculty is very active in the various national and international pediatric societies, editorial boards, and journals.


Pediatric Rotation Faculty