Rwanda and Charlottesville Anesthesiologists Link Up


Teleconference room at UVA Medical Center.

Don’t see a way to get to Rwanda in the near future? If you can’t teleport, then teleconferencing may be the next best thing. Anesthesiologists in Charlottesville sit down with their counterparts in Kigali the last Friday of every month for case presentations.

If you find Charlottesville more convenient than Kigali, come by the telemedicine room at the UVA hospital. You’ll find a group of residents, faculty members, and medical students rotating through anesthesiology spanning thousands of miles to bring better medicine to both sides of the camera. The conference starts at 0900 Eastern time, 1600 East Africa time.

Here are some pictures from the inaugural conference, held in December, 2012. Julia Weinkauf, visiting faculty in Rwanda, moderated from the Kigali side, in the telemedicine room at Kigali Health Institute. Marcel Durieux moderated from the Charlottesville side. Each side was able to see the other participants as well as view PowerPoint presentations of the cases.


UVA anesthesiologists (inset) view Kigali presentation.