About the Pain Medicine Fellowship


The fellow’s year on the Pain Services is spent in the (chronic) Pain Management Center (PMC) and on the In-Hospital Consult Service (CPS).  Approximately 60% of the time is spent in the PMC.  This time is divided between clinic, seeing 8-10 patients per day, and performing 15-18 interventional procedures per day.  These procedures encompass a varied assortment of pain management techniques.  The daily clinic schedule is a blend of patients new to the system and revisits.  20% of the time is spent leading the CPS which runs a daily census of 5-10 consult patients.  20% of the fellow’s time is dedicated to the ACGME mandated rotations which include physical medicine and rehabilitation, psychiatry, neurology, and anesthesiology/airway management.  Fellows rotate through the services that are not their primary specialty.  Generally, these rotations are two weeks long.


In addition to the Anesthesiology Department Grand Rounds conferences, the didactic educational program for the fellows includes 2 hours per week of pain-related topics based upon the IASP curriculum. Attention is also paid to the continuing quality improvement; the business of pain, including reimbursement issues, characteristics and policies of the various major carriers, and awareness of the cost of various medications, therapies; and studies to encourage responsible and appropriate use of health care dollars. Fellows are expected to participate actively in the education program, by giving formal presentations and through day-to-day clinical teaching of patients, medical students, residents, referring physicians, and nurses in the course of routine clinical care.

ACGME mandated rotations:

  •  physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • psychiatry
  • neurology
  • and anesthesiology/airway management.

Additional Information

For additional information, please contact the fellowship program director, Dr. Lynn Kohan, or the Pain Medicine fellowship coordinator, Lisa Morton, by phone at 434.924-9454 or by email at Anesthesiology-painmanagementfellow@virginia.edu