Ziyad Knio, M.D.

University of Virginia Anesthesiology resident, Ziyad Knio, MD

Ziyad Knio, M.D., Wake Forest SOM

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Undergraduate School: Cornell University

Medical School: Wake Forest School of Medicine

Hobbies/Outside Interests: EDM (live concerts and recorded mixes), board games (Settlers of Catan: Cities & Knights, Ticket to Ride: Europe), barbecuing & smoking meats, beginner-to-intermediate tennis

Favorite things about/to do/to eat in Charlottesville:  I love my friends, my house, my neighborhood (Fry’s Spring), events/concerts on the mall, the diverse food options (Doma, Kanak, Smyrna, Mas Tapas, Con Mole), the wineries (Eastwood, Merrie Mill, Gabrielle Rausse), and parks & recreation (Rivanna, Riverview, Darden Towe, Blue Ridge Parkway).

Why did you choose UVA? I knew I’d be supported in my personal & professional endeavors at UVA. I have gained strong clinical training in all of the anesthesiology sub-specialties and participated in countless “fellow-level” cases. I’ve published manuscripts, presented at national conferences, and networked with leaders in anesthesiology & critical care. My co-residents are some of my closest friends. I’m days away from marrying my best friend, Margo (another UVA-trained physician).

Anesthesiology Interests: Critical care medicine

Favorite Rotation: I really like caring for cardiothoracic surgical patients, both in the OR and ICU.

What’s the best piece of career advice you ever got?: (1) Residency is a unique opportunity to spend 4 years learning how to be an expert consultant in perioperative care… we interface with every corner of this hospital. (2) When rotating through subspecialties, put yourself in the role of the attending when you ask yourself if their specialty is one that you want to pursue. (3) You’ll get the most out of the residency that you want to be at… As a [UVA] resident, I love coming to work every day.