Megan Forney, M.D.

University of Virginia Megan Forney, MD, Anesthesiology Resident

Megan Forney, M.D.
University of Cincinnati

Hometown: Atwater, Ohio

Undergraduate School: University of Rochester

Medical School: University of Cincinnati

Hobbies/Outside Interests: I enjoy Gardening, hiking, trying new restaurants.

Favorite things about/to do/to eat in Charlottesville: The restaurant scene is incredible for a smaller town! Tacos Gomez is a weekly stop, their taco truck is the best.

Why did you choose UVA? UVA has a strong and well rounded program with great regional experience.

Anesthesiology Interests: My anesthesiology interests are regional, interventional chronic pain.

Favorite Rotation: I’ve enjoyed all of my rotations so far!

What’s the best piece of career advice you ever got?: The best advice I have received is that when you pick a career, you’re not just choosing what you’re going to do as a resident; you’re choosing what you do for the next 30-40 years! Make sure that whatever you choose is something you can see yourself doing for the rest of your career.