P&T Eligibility and Key Terms

Promotion and Tenure Eligibility

SOM tenure eligible (TE) faculty have a maximum of 6 years to achieve promotion to associate professor and an additional 4 years after the promotion to attain tenure.

SOM faculty on tenure ineligible (TI) faculty tracks will be considered for promotion in rank within seven years in the assistant or associate professor rank. Within SOM, they are typically considered in their sixth year. The faculty member’s department chair and the faculty member may agree that they are ready to be considered for early promotion based on exceptional performance or prior experience.

For both TE and TI faculty, promotion (and/or tenure for eligible faculty) may be requested earlier if criteria have been achieved at the time of application and with the support of their primary department, as described below.

Counting Years in Rank

In the School of Medicine, the ‘year’ for counting years in rank always begins on July 1 and ends on June 30. Regardless of the faculty position start date within a calendar year, the years in rank are counted from July 1 of that calendar year. The preparation, submission and review of promotion materials begins one and a half years prior to the intended promotion or tenure date (see the P&T homepage for the candidate process and timeline).

Key Terms