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The Practice of Mindful Habit Change is a 6 week, 90 minute course that combines mindfulness practices and the neuroscience behind how habits are formed with practice to change the unwanted ones. This course is based on the current research of Dr. Judson Brewer, MD PHD that has been widely used and is especially beneficial for anyone who wants to explore the possibilities of positive behavior change.

In this class, we learn how to develop a greater awareness of how habits are formed and then how to begin stepping out of the unwanted ones through mindfulness and compassion.  By applying the current neuroscience with the reward based learning system of the brain, we learn how to map out those habits by identifying the triggers and behaviors associated with them and begin with ways to short circuit the unwanted ones in “small moments, many times a day” practices.   

With the guidance from a trained instructor in Mindfulness Based Habit Change and using the group as the fertile learning field, we begin the journey in moving towards behaviors that support a greater sense of well-being and improved health through unforced positive behavior change.  Whether social media, over planning, anxiety, excessive worrying, nail biting, whatever, this class will help to gently untangle this through greater kindness and self-compassion and neuroscience.

 A flipped classroom model uses either the Unwinding Anxiety App (preferred) or Unwinding Anxiety book as a source for material, purchased separately.  Cost of the class: $250.00.  For more information, please contact the instructor:

Questions? Please contact Cawood Fitzhugh

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Location: Live online via Zoom
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Next Class Starts: September 19, 2023

Class Dates: September 19 – October 24, 2023
Date: September 19, 2023
Time: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Eastern Standard Time
Cost: $250.00

For more information, please contact the instructor:

Instructor: Cawood Fitzhugh

Cawood Fitzhugh

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