Citizens or permanent residents of the United States.  ABEM or ABOEM certified or prepared, or citizens or permanent residents of a British Commonwealth country certified or prepared to take the appropriate emergency medicine specialty certification exam for that country.


The Fellowship curriculum includes all aspects of the ABEM Core Content of Emergency Medical Services Medicine which can be found at

Principal Text

Emergency Medical Services: Clinical Practice and Systems Oversight, 2nd Edition, Cone D, Brice J, Delbridge T, ed.

Other Resources

  • Ohio Medical Director’s online course
  • EMS textbook library (contains all dedicated EMS texts published)
  • complete series of Prehospital and Disaster Medicine and Prehospital Emergency Care journals.

Recurring Meetings

(attend as many as possible)

  • TJEMS Medical Direction every 2nd Tuesday at 9am @TJEMS
  • Pegasus Staff meeting – Every 2nd Thursday at 8am @flight ops
  • MedCom Staff meetings (variable)
  • ETT V Staff meetings (variable)
  • Prehospital Division Management meetings (3rd Monday’s @8am)
  • Albemarle County Fire Rescue QI  meetings (1st Thursdays @8am)

Periodic Meetings

(attend at least 4 each during fellowship- more if desired)

  • State Medivac Committee
  • State Medical Direction Committee
  • State EMS Training Committee
  • Disaster Planning meetings and participate in disaster drills
  • Emergency Communications meeting

EMS Education Meetings

(must attend – may go to others)

  • State EMS Symposium/ OMD Training
  • NAEMSP annual meeting/ Medical Directors Course

EMS Physician Enhancement Courses

  • EVOC
  • Extrication course
  • Confined space
  • Technical rescue
  • SWAT physician response
  • Incident Command Course
  • Firefighter 1

Local EMS Medical Directorship

Assigned an area Rescue Squad as OMD

  •  Educational Presentations: (minimum requirement- may do more)
  • Periodic lectures to PVCC paramedic program (3 per year)
  • Periodic lectures to TJEMS/UVA Intermediate program (3 per year)
  • Periodic resident lectures – some to include EMS topics (quarterly)
  • Speaking at Pegasus medical and trauma day CME
  • Speaking at Pegasus Critical Response
  • Speaking at CCEMPT course
  • BTLS courses (become instructor if you already aren’t)

Experiential Resources

  • CARS Rescue Squad
  • ETT/ BLS Transport Unit
  • Pegasus Critical Care
  • TJEMS Regional EMS Council
  • State Office of OEMS
  • Albemarle County Fire/rescue
  • Charlottesville/Albemarle ECC
  • Greene County ECC
  • Richmond Ambulance Authority and ECC
  • Other area ground rescue squad agencies

Establish Research Plan

Mandatory  (may use project that is jointly acceptable to fellowship and master’s program)

Establish EMS Medical Direction Focus Area

(if desired)

In addition, a regularly scheduled lecture series is integrated during the entire fellowship. For further information on the lecture series, please visit the following link: Lecture series

Educational Objectives

The following objectives are covered:

  • Assessment and care of specific pre-hospital clinical problems
  • EMS system planning, design, and logistics
  • Dispatch and communications
  • Clinical research
  • Education of EMS personnel
  • Medical oversight of EMS
  • Critical care transportation
  • Air medical services
  • Injury prevention and preventative health
  • HAZMAT experience
  • Disaster preparation and response


The Fellowship in Emergency Medical Services blends hands-on experiences with didactic instruction and research opportunities.  We offer a wide range of experiences including:

  • pegasusintubationGround and air medical operations
  • Administrative and research experiences
  • Disaster planning and training
  • Exposure to all models of EMS agencies (volunteer, paid, fire-based, regional, and state)
  • Exposure in rural, urban, and suburban settings
  • Paramedic didactic and clinical instruction
  • Community resource management
  • Dispatch/communications operations
  • Active clinical in ED affiliated with EMS fellowship
  • Faculty appointment as Clinical Instructor in Emergency Medicine