MS4 Emergency Medicine Elective

Welcome to the MS4 EM Elective!

The Emergency Medicine elective is a 2 or 4 week rotation that offers students an opportunity to see acute problems at the time of presentation. Students will see patients primarily and then present the case for discussion with the senior emergency medicine resident and attending. Students will attend and participate in the residents’ lecture series. Formal lectures on topics with special relevance to emergency medicine will be presented weekly. There will be night and weekend duty consistent with emergency medicine resident shifts. Each student will be asked to work clinically 8-16 shifts in the Emergency Department during the rotation.  Final grade is based on evaluations, presentation, and exam.

Visiting Students

UVA uses VSLO, Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (formerly called VSAS) for all visiting student applicants.  The site will open on March 2, 2020.  Students may apply for EM 1302 Emergency Medicine, Med Tox 1305 Emergency Medicine, or EM 1304 Peds Emergency Medicine.  SLOEs are given for EM 1302 and EM 1304.  In addition to requirements from the School of Medicine, students will need to submit an updated transcript, USMLE Step 1 score, CV, and a 1-2 paragraph answering: “What would you like to gain from your UVA EM rotation, and/or is there something you would like us to know about you?”

** Unfortunately, UVA does not accept osteopathic or international visiting medical students.**

More information about applying can be found here: Visiting Medical Student Application

More information about Med Tox and Peds EM can be found here: Elective Options

Want to learn more about our residency program? Check it out here: Residency Information


Visiting students enjoy an afternoon exploring the lovely surroundings of Charlottesville.


Contact Information

J. Stephen Huff, M.D.

Director, Medical Student Clerkship

Aileen Watchko, M.A.

Education Coordinator
Phone: (434) 982-1800