ECG Elective

Course Description

Welcome to the ECG Elective!

This two-week course explores the use of the electrocardiogram in clinical medicine. During the course, we review the ECG in a range of areas: ACS, narrow and wide complex tachycardia, bradycardia, AV block, and intraventricular block, metabolic and toxicologic presentations, sudden death syndromes, WPW syndrome, among many other areas of electrocardiography. In general, we meet for 4-5 hours each day for in-class learning. In addition to lecture format, unknown care presentations are used throughout the course, stressing real-time interpretation of the ECG in the context of the clinical presentation. Take-home assignments include directed reading in the course text as well as the interpretation of ECGs for review during class the following day. At the end of the course, students are required to prepare and submit a PowerPoint presentation of their choice, discussing an aspect of the ECG in clinical medicine.

For more information, view Dr. William Brady’s ECG Course Letter.

Contact Information

William J. Brady, MD
Course Director

Phone: (434) 924-8485

Aileen Watchko
Education Coordinator

Phone: (434) 982-1800