EM Interest Group

The Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) at UVa was established in 2000, and serves as the foremost information resource for UVa medical students interested in this medical specialty.

Several meetings are held throughout the year, with topics including:

  • Choosing Emergency Medicine as a specialty
  • The “Match” and Residency Application Process
  • Recommended electives, externships, etc.

Additionally, teaching sessions are sponsored by EMIG, including Suturing and Airway Workshops, Trauma, ECG Lab and other lectures pertinent to the field.

Physician shadowing opportunities are available and encouraged, as is early contact with Emergency Medicine faculty and residents.

For Further Information:

EMIG Leadership
  • Lindsay Chatfield
  • Ceshae Harding
  • Joseph Koes
  • Michelle Lynch
  • Esteban Cubillos-Torres

Email EMIG Officers: uva.emig@gmail.com

EMIG Website: http://uvaemig.wixsite.com/uva-emig

Faculty Advisers

William Brady, M.D.
James Moak, M.D.
Amita Sudhir, M.D