Are you stressed because of student loans and debt?

The School of Medicine Office of Financial Aid, directed by Margaret Baxton, provides individual counseling on matters including student loans, loan forbearance, and basic financial planning. Members of the financial aid office are also available to give seminars to departments on these topics including loan repayment, credit reports, and income-based payment options.
Public Service Loan Forgiveness Fact Sheet PSLF Fact Sheet from Dept of Ed
AAMC Compared Loan Repayment Plans Fact Sheet

Loan Programs – Years ago, UPG looked into loan refinancing options for employees. They found a program by Sofi to be the most competitive:
Another company explored was BrightHouse:
The GME Office and UVA endorse neither of these companies; this is only provided for your information.

Are you anticipating an upcoming expense that you may find hard to cover?

The GMEO offers short-term loans up to $1500 for trainees in a UVA residency or fellowship program for greater than 1 year ($1000 for trainees here for one year). Loans are to be repaid within 2 years (within 1 year for trainees here for one year). Questions? Contact Ranithra Chelliah, 924-2315.

Having a hard time staying on budget?

Try this Budgeting Tool

Are there any hospital discounts that you can take advantage of?


Are there more formal opportunities to learn about financial planning?

Medical Alumni Association Lecture Series


    GME Institutional lecture series

  • Planning for retirement
  • Insurance – everything you need to know
  • Loans and Debt – how to crawl out from under

Contact Margaret Baxton in the School of Medicine Department of Financial Aid

Margaret Baxton
Director of Financial Aid
University of Virginia School of Medicine
ph: (434) 924-0375
fx: (434) 924-7619