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Surgical Skills Training Center

In a collaborative effort with the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, the University of Virginia Medical School opened a state-of-the-art Surgical Simulation and Fresh Tissue Cadaver Training Laboratory in 2015 for use by all GME Surgical Services.  The lab is equipped with up to ten operative stations that can be set up for a variety of Orthopaedic procedures from arthroplasty to arthroscopy to fracture fixation to spine instrumentation.  The lab has multiple arthroscopy stations with HD monitors, an operating microscope, radiolucent table, large and mini-c-arm fluoroscopy, power equipment, and a variety of surgical pans.  We have hosted several surgical simulation workshops instructed by UVA faculty as well as Visiting Professors.  Additionally, the lab provides an excellent resource for research projects.  The residency program has greatly benefited from this addition of the Surgical Skills Training Center to our curriculum, and we are just scratching the surface of the potential positive impact on our resident education.

Spine cadaver lab 1 20160625_085728 20160625_094214 20160625_094223 20160625_105132 SurgicalSimulation_02 Lalonde 1 Hand trauma lab 2 SurgicalSimulation_03 TotalWristWorkshop_04 Hand trauma lab 1 SurgicalSimulation_05 SurgicalSimulation_06 Hand trauma lab 3 20160625_105149 Shoulder Lab 2 Shoulder Lab 1
Visiting Professor Dr. Darren Johnson from the University of Kentucky demonstrates an outside-in technique for ACL reconstruction

Multiple sets for a variety of Orthopaedic procedures

Multiple sets for a variety of Orthopaedic procedures

Arthroscopy set-up for six stations

Arthroscopy set-up for six stations

For more information about the lab, please contact the lab director, Dana Sikon, or Kerrie May-Nikstaitis, the lab coordinator.

Dana Sikon Lab Director

Dana Sikon
Lab Director

Kerrie May-Nikstaitis
Lab Coordinator