Educational Resources

Educational Materials

The Department of Pathology is determined to provide residents with quality, high-yield educational materials in a variety of mediums.

Spearheaded by Dr. Anne Mills, our faculty and residents have developed a pattern-based “Sound Bite” series that provides residents with a quick overview of challenging and less often encountered pathologic entities.  These mini-lectures are created in tandem with faculty specialists from each organ system or technique, which means you’ll be hearing from the experts.  There are also links to boards-style questions in select topics.  Click on the links below to access some recent “Sound Bites,” and stay tuned for more to come!

This self-assessment is a great way to test your knowledge after a review of the glass slide study set available in Surgical Pathology.  In that study set, you will find review cards detailing key points about each diagnosis accompaying the slides.  You can also access the review cards if you’d like a personal copy for quick review on your own.

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