Trainee Wellness

Residents hiking at White Rock Falls

Residents hiking at White Rock Falls

Making sure our trainees are healthy and present during their education is one of our top priorities. If you’re having trouble with any of the following issues, please read our suggested resources. More information can be found by talking to the coordinators or your program director.

I’m having trouble with getting reports in on time and juggling all of my responsibilities.

The GME offers free time management counseling through the UVA Wellness program. Contact Karen Warburton to set up a session.

UVA also provides free use of courses. A wonderful one on time management is Time Management Fundamentals by Dave Crenshaw.

My spouse is having some trouble adjusting to our move. I think s/he would benefit from talking to a counselor.

FEAP (Faculty and Employee Assistance Program) has free counseling services available to all UVA employees and their families. Their appointments are completely confidential. Please visit their website for more information.

I’m considering having a baby during residency. How much time do I get off of work?

The birth of a child falls under the Family and Medical Leave Act. All housestaff receive 6 weeks of paid leave. However, if you need more time away, there are ways to structure your training in order to stay in compliance with American Board of Pathology training time requirements. Please speak with your program director or see the GME Policy on Leave.

I would like to exercise more. What resources are available?

The GME has a great list of physical wellness resources for trainees. There are also programs like Hoo’s Well and Be Well available through the UVA Health System.

I have to have a challenging conversation with one of the staff, and I’m not sure how to start it.

The program director and associate program directors are all available to help you navigate challenging conversations. FEAP also has counselors willing to walk you through these difficult situations.

Another wonderful resource for this is the book Crucial Conversations. The department is happy to provide a copy to you if you’re interested.

I need to schedule a doctor’s appointment, but I’m on my surgical pathology rotation. What should I do?

A back-up schedule is already in place for every rotation just for situations like this one. If you are sick or need to go to the doctor’s, let the chiefs know, and they will assign coverage for you based on the pre-existing back-up coverage schedule.

I’m having a conflict with a staff member. What avenues do I have to address this?

There are several ways you can resolve a conflict. First, you can complete the anonymous evaluation sent out via a link at the end of each rotation. Second, if the issue is more pressing, you can talk to the program director, the chief residents, or the coordinators. Finally, if none of these options are applicable, you can consult the Grievance Policy outlined in the Pathology handbook or on the GME website.

My co-resident really helped me out the other day! How can I thank her and let the program know what an awesome person she is?

We currently have a Good Citizenship program in place to thank our trainees who go above and beyond their normal service expectations. To nominate a resident or fellow, email the coordinators, and we will make sure to reward them with a small token of appreciation. .