Abdominal Transplant Fellowship


UVA transplant surgeons operating on a patient.

The University of Virginia has a dynamic and rapidly growing transplant fellowship program that offers an in-depth experience in liver, kidney and pancreas procedures, multi-organ deceased donor and live donor procurements, hepatobiliary and access surgery. Fellows will gain expertise in all aspects of abdominal transplantation including pre-transplant candidate evaluation and post-transplant in-patient management of recipients. Fellows will also train on backtable organ preparation, as well as immunosuppression, basic understanding of expected outcomes after transplant, histocompatibility and crossmatching, outpatient follow up, ethics and pathology.

Robotic Abdominal Transplantation

UVA Transplant Surgery also offers a unique opportunity for training in robotic abdominal transplantation including donor nephrectomy, kidney and pancreas transplantation. Fellows are actively mentored by faculty allowing maturation clinically and academically with clinical research opportunities. Our graduates are successfully practicing transplant surgery throughout the US and the world.

To Apply

Applicants must be ECFMG certified and a general surgeon to apply. Please submit your application through the SF Match Website.

For more information:

Program Director, Dr. Nico Goldaracena.
Lynn Good, Fellowship Program Coordinator
Email: mlm8m@uvahealth.org