Raymond Strobel, MD

Raymond Strobel

Surgery Resident
Medical School: University of Michigan


Originally from Rumford, Rhode Island, I spent the last 13 or so years of my life in Michigan (UM BS 14, MD/MSc 19) before moving to Charlottesville for integrated Cardiothoracic surgical residency. I met my wife while I was in medical school, and we were excited to match at UVA. Thankfully she was able to get a great job at UVA as an OT – it has been a nice perk to be able to get lunch together on slower days. For me, UVA is distinguished as a program which 1) provides unparalleled technical training to its residents and 2) has a terrific faculty and resident culture. When not working, we enjoy exploring Charlottesville, sitting by our pool, and catching up with our family and friends.