Wall of pictures of Thoracic Surgery Graduates

We are very proud of the cardiothoracic surgeons who have received their training at the University of Virginia. We view the education of these men and women as one of the primary goals of our program. The clinical volumes and the educational value of the program have increased such that we evolved from finishing one resident per year to three residents per year. Approximately 50% of the surgeons we have trained have practices in academic institutions, while the remaining 50% are in private practice, some with academic affiliations.

Although it is not possible to list all the UVA graduates from our program, a list of those who have finished over the past 20+ years follows. In addition to the traditional thoracic surgery residents, there have been superb international surgeons who have enhanced their education and training by spending time with our faculty.

Recent and Past Graduates

TCV Graduates 2018

Below is a list of past and recent graduates. Their initial post-graduate appointments are indicated.

Application Info

At the University of Virginia we participate in the Thoracic Surgery Match coordinated through the NRMP. Applications to our programs should be made through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS AAMC).