UVA’s cutting-edge medical research program is built on innovation and collaboration, bringing together basic and clinical scientists and spanning disciplines to pioneer the treatments and cures of tomorrow. Advances such as the molecular genetics revolution, human genome sequencing, advanced imagingtechniques, and high-performance computing make it an exciting time to be engaged in the advanced medical research currently underway at the UVA School of Medicine.

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NIH Provides $23 Million for iTHRIV

The integrated Translational Health Research Institute of Virginia (iTHRIV) has been awarded nearly $23 million from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to advance translational and clinical research.
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Exercise Before Surgery Can Protect Muscles and Nerves

Researchers at UVA find that exercise can protect both muscle and nerves from damage caused by the restoration of blood flow after injury or surgery.
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Chairman Receives 2018 Pioneer in Medicine Award

Jonathan Kipnis honored with the 2018 Pioneer in Medicine award from the Brain Mapping Foundation
and Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics.
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The Arc of Science

It’s interesting to see how discovery leads to discovery around here. Case in point: A while back, our Gary K. Owens, PhD, and Olga A. Cherepanova, PhD, found that a…

Engineering Improvements to Patient Care

Call it a victory for fresh perspectives: We’ve had some undergraduate biomedical students bring their engineering expertise to the hospital, and they’ve come up with some great ideas for improving…

$23 Million to Speed New Treatments

The National Institutes of Health has awarded nearly $23 million to the integrated Translational Health Research Institute of Virginia to accelerate the development of new treatments and cures. ITHRIV, as…

VOTE! Brain Discovery Fighting It Out in STAT Bracket Contest

MARCH 22 UPDATE: Utah squeaked by us, but still a great showing for the Kipnis team! We appreciate everyone who voted. I’ll post the winner when all is said and…

UVA Oncologist's Work Among Top 10

UVA researcher's work in childhood cancer honored as a top 10 clinical research achievements.

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Significant Increase in Research Funding

Federal funding for UVA's medical research surged from $101.2 million in 2015 to $121.4 million in 2017.

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Top 10 Center of Biomedical Research

Hartwell Foundation recognizes UVA innovative biomedical research directed toward children's health.

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