Online Testing

Students use their laptop and a modern web browser (Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome, FireFox, etc.). Phones and tablets lack the screen real estate necessary to display questions with images and long textual narratives; so, best to avoid them when using the online testing system.

Students can access the application from a tile on your dashboard or directly by URL –

You will avoid many problems when taking an exam if you

  • Reboot your computer before you start
  • Keep open applications to a minimum (just your web browser, the fewer open browser tabs the better)
  • Make sure you have a reliable internet connection
  • Have your phone charged and/or DUO backup codes ready for two factor authentication when you login to start the exam
  • Make sure Geolocation is ON (allowed) for your web browser, you cannot take certain exams without it.
  • Do NOT wait until 12:58pm on Sunday to login & open an exam with a schedule that closes at 1:00pm. Stuff happens!

Resources for students

Introduction Video

Student User Guide for the Online Testing System

Exam Challenges for students

How to enable geolocations in most browsers

Need Help? Having a problem with an exam?

Contact Med Ed Technology via email at We monitor this email address hourly between 9am and 5pm on weekends when exams are scheduled. We will respond via email unless you tell us differently (leave a phone number?). If taking the exam after 5pm, be patient as it could be 9am the next morning before you hear back from the Med Ed Tech team.