Academic Email

Your email address for this account is <userid>

The university provides a Microsoft 365 Outlook account that you can read about here.

To access this email use the Outlook web client at and use your academic email/password.

Instructions on how to setup an email client for laptop or mobile device can be found under the heading “Email Clients & Mobile.” – here

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Health System Email

Also a Microsoft 365 Outlook account and your email address for this account is <userid>

To access this email use the Outlook web client at and use your Health System email/password.

For security and safeguards of Protected Health Information (PHI) UVA Health has implemented a couple of security restrictions to be aware of :

  • You can view attachments in the web client, but you are  prohibited from downloading attachments.
  • You can forward individual emails to another account-assuming no sensitive information. You can NOT automate email forwarding.

Some additional features involving email attachments (saving, viewing and downloading them in OneDrive) will be available to users who are connected to hscs-wireless WiFi or connected using the Health System VPN.

If you prefer, you can install the Outlook for Mac or the Windows-provided Mail app (old version called Mail, newer version also called Outlook), connect to the hscsc-wireless network to configure, and subsequently use it to overcome the security restriction for downloading attachments. To access your health system email using the desktop apps from home or on academic networks you will need to run the Health System VPN.

Health System Email on your mobile device

Per Health System policy, you will need to install a mobile device manager called “MobileIron” (being renamed to Ivanti) to receive email on your device. Operating system-specific information is presented on separate tabs here –

The only email client that is supported is the Outlook app

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