Academic Email

Your email address for this account is <userid>

The University provides an Office 365 account that you can read about here.

To access this email use the web client at and use your academic email/password.

Instructions on how to setup an email client for laptop or mobile device can be found here under the heading “Email Clients & Mobile.”

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Health System Email

Your email address for this account is <userid>

To access this email use the web client at and use your Health System email/password.

The Health System maintains this as a secure email service that complies with the relevant legislation and policies for Protected Health Information (PHI) and Individually Identifiable Health Information (IIHI). This results in some security restrictions to be aware of :

  • You can view attachments in the web client, but you are  prohibited from downloading attachments.
  • You can forward individual emails to another account-assuming no sensitive information. You can NOT automate email forwarding.
  • Automated “Data Loss Prevention” scanners review and potentially block outgoing email – trying to identify PHI and IIHI
  • Very active SPAM/malware scanning – links to Google docs and large attachments are frequently blocked

Using a different email client (Outlook desktop app) on your laptop may be possible if you are willing to encrypt your hard drive and use a Health System VPN. Ask a Med Ed Technology staff for more information.

Health System Email on your mobile device

Per Health System policy, you will need to install a mobile device manager called “MobileIron” to receive email on your device. More information here for iOS and Android.

The only email client that is supported is Outlook email client.

For other health system applications on your mobile device more information is here .

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