Classroom A/V Systems

We support many classrooms, labs, skill centers, and conference rooms in the Medical Education Building, Health Sciences Library, MR4-6, Pinn Hall, and some in McKim Hall. During daytime hours, call 434-214-0069 to reach the designated on-call staff member.

Please contact if you would like a member of the Med Ed Technology staff to show you how to use the AV system in any of our rooms.

Using the Microphones in the Learning Studio and Auditorium

Learning Studio – “Push” to talk, light turns green, continue to hold the Talk button while speaking, release when complete

Auditorium – Press “Talk”, light turns red, release the button. Press the “Talk” button when done speaking. The microphone will turn itself off after 3 seconds on inactivity/your voice is not detected.

A short “How-to” video on using the microphones in these rooms is here

WiFi Displays

WiFi displays work well for simple presentations; but, are less effective for video containing high resolution imagery. When the “Wireless Presentation” input source is selected on the control panel, the display should provide instructions similar to those below to install and use the AirMedia software. Mac OSX users may need to download an additional component called “SoundFlower” to transmit audio.

WiFi display via AirMedia

A short “How-to” video for downloading the software and¬†using the WiFi displays in the Learning Studio and Auditorium is here