Transition to Clerkships

Welcome to all things technical in the Clerkship Transition course!

As a future M3, you will be spending your time in clinical (health system) buildings, and as such we need to make sure you have your laptops and mobile devices configured appropriately. This means your devices should be configured to connect to Health System wireless networks and you should confirm you have access to (and are regularly checking) your Health System email account.

Note: The volume of email you will be receiving at your Health System account is about to go up dramatically. If you’ve been checking two accounts, now might be the time to consider installing MobileIron on your mobile device(s) so your Health System email becomes more readily accessible. This will also give your mobile device access to Epic.

You will take multiple shelf exams on your own laptop during your Clerkship year. To ensure you will be successful, you must certify your laptop for the exam. Click here page for more details and to run the test on your laptop.

Finally, here’s an Oasis requirements checklist sign off refresher should you need a review.

Office Hours

If you have any questions, please visit us at Office Hours:

  • Monday, Feb. 19, Drop in 10-12, MEB Learning Studio
  • Tuesday, Feb. 20, Drop in 12-4, MEB Auditorium
  • Wednesday, Feb. 21, Drop in 12-4, MEB Learning Studio
  • Thursday, Feb. 22, Drop in 12-4, MEB Learning Studio
  • Friday, Feb 23, Drop in 2-4, HSL Lower Level

Alternatively, you can contact us at or stop by our offices in the Learning Studio, the Auditorium or in the lower level of the HSL.

Note: For help with clinical systems like Epic, HealthSystem Wifi, and HealthSystem Email, help is available 24/7 through Health Systems IT.

The following playlist has short videos on all of the areas covered above: