Virtual Slides

Learners can pan, adjust magnification, and focus digital microscopy slides using Virtual Slides. Many of our tutorials, quizzes, and case presentations use these digital microscopy slides.

An Example of a Virtual Slide

An HTML viewer should be used for virtual slides. It should work in any modern internet browser (Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, FireFox).

Using Virtual Slides when off grounds

We limit the use of Virtual Slides to UVA IP addresses, so to use the software when you are off grounds, you will need the “UVA Anywhere” VPN software. Here is the information on installing the VPN software.



Older versions of Virtual Slides relied on Java and a browser plug-in that is obsolete. Should you be directed to a Virtual Slides URL that produces a blank screen or errors such as “” or “Plug-in not supported” you can  edit the URL to use the HTML Viewer as illustrated below.

Old URL –

New URL –

Replacing the string “viewer?filename” in the Old URL with “HtmlViewer.jsp?slideFileName” should allow you to view the slide using HTML viewer.

For further assistance, email with support questions.