Helpful information on accessing and viewing “podcasts”

We use “podcast” as an umbrella term for both lecture capture and pre-recorded lectures. We record and make available most of the lectures and discussions a few hours after the session has concluded. Additionally, faculty will pre-record short lectures and distribute them before a class session. You can view most video content (linked from the course websites) on a personal computer or on a mobile device.

Many of our students prefer to download and view video content using video players. In order to accomplish this goal, we strongly recommend installing VLC Player. It is a free and open source video player that supports most common video formats and allows you to playback the videos at accelerated speeds – 1.5X, 2x, etc. To ensure that you are using a legitimate player (without embedded malware) install it directly from the VLC Player website – http://www.videolan.org/vlc.

Email mededweb@virginia.edu with support questions related to podcasts.