VH Dissector

scientific diagram skull cross section

Students enrolled in the School of Medicine may download and use the VH Dissector software. Using this software is required starting in the Musculoskeletal-Integument System. The negotiated software license allows each student to have this resource on your own Mac or Windows laptop during your entire four years of medical school. The software is also installed on computers in the anatomy lab. This software does not exist for iOS or Android devices.

Installation instructions for VH Dissector software

  1. Register with TolTech using a UVA email address ( or at
  2. A Welcome to VH Dissector Pro email containing your activation code will be sent to the address that you provided above.
  3. Click the link in the email to install the software. Copy the activation code from the email and paste it into the installer.
  4. Allow plenty of time time to download the two large Virtual Human datasets – it can take 20 minutes on the very fast UVA network.
  5. You may be prompted for software updates. We highly recommend them.

Support questions should be directed to