Study Space Options

Health Sciences Library

  • Quiet Study Areas
    Quiet study areas are located in the reading rooms on the second floor, the Cabell Room, and the Carter and Tolleson classrooms downstairs (when not in use by classes). These areas are open to all Library users. Located in the large reading room are six study rooms. These rooms are available on a first come, first served basis and can be used by individuals or groups.
  • Other Study Areas
    Other study areas are available throughout the Library. These areas offer carrels for individual study and tables for group study. These areas are open to all Library users.
  • Group Study Rooms
    Thirteen group study rooms are available for reservation by Health System affiliates. These rooms may be reserved at the Library Service Desk, on-demand using the scheduling panels, or by calling 924-5444.
  • After Hours Study Area
    An after-hours study area is available whenever the Library is closed. The door to the after-hours study are is in the Link on the McKim side of the Library. Only those with Health System IDs can gain entrance to the area.

Pinn Hall Teaching Labs

The labs are available (when not used for classes) 24 hours a day to Health System affiliates. Same day reservations can be made on-demand using the scheduling panels mounted outside of the rooms. Resource Scheduler can be used to reserve time further into the future.

Pinn Hall Conference Center

The G1 and G2 conference rooms are available for study space around exam times if not scheduled for other events. The usage policy for the conference center is:

  • Printed schedules in front of G1 and G2 list available study times.
  • No food or drink in rooms during study times.
  • Furniture is not to be moved.
  • If study time is scheduled and the doors are locked PIC security at 1646 to open the door.