WiFi Access

The university’s Information Technology Services (ITS) department administers the WiFi in the academic buildings and the Health System Technology Services (HIT) department administers the WiFi in hospital/clinical buildings. The WiFi networks require that your devices have an updated, supported operating system (specifically within two versions of the current release). Please keep your devices up-to-date.

Academic Buildings

The encrypted eduroam network is your best option. It requires a digital certificate to connect. Please see the instructions for connecting to eduroam. Digital certificates expire after approximately 14 months; so, you will have to repeat this process at that time.

Hospital/clinical Buildings

Connect to the hscs-wireless network. It requires your health system (HIT) credentials aka Рuserid & password. From this network you should be able access your email without using a VPN.

Avoid the guest WiFi networks (UVA Guest, uvahealth-guest, etc.) when network continuity is needed (taking an exam?). The academic WiFi network (eduroam) is typically the most reliable and robust.

Note: Both academic and clinical networks are available in some buildings. The academic networks are typically more robust and thus recommended. More information here –