WiFi Access

The university’s Information Technology Services (ITS) department administers the WiFi in the academic buildings and the Health System Technology Services (HIT) department administers the WiFi in clinical buildings. Some buildings (Health Sciences Library, Claude Moore MedEd Building) have both networks available for use. You do need to keep your operating system up-to-date to connect to WiFi – typically within two versions of the current release.

Academic Buildings

The encrypted eduroam network is your best option, and it requires a digital certificate to connect. Please see the instructions for connecting to eduroam WiFi. Know that digital certificates expire after approximately 14 months; so, you will have to repeat this process at that time.

The unencrypted wahoo network does not broadcast its SSID, but is available to registered devices. If you have previously connected to eduroam WiFi, then you have already been registered. Please see the instructions for connecting to wahoo WiFi.

Clinical Buildings (Health System)

The eduroam and wahoo networks are NOT available in clinical buildings. Instead, students can connect to the hscs-wireless or hscs-pda networks.

The “hscs-wireless” network requires your health system (HIT) credentials – userid & password. If you have privileges, you should also be able to access clinical systems, like EPIC, when connected to this network.

The “hscs-pda” WiFi network requires a password that changes periodically – contact the HIT Help Desk via email (helpdesk@hscmail.mcc.virginia.edu) or phone (434-924-5334). When connected to this network, you will not be able to reach UVA clinical systems; but, internet access, reference systems, web sites and email will work.

Note: Both academic (eduroam, wahoo) and clinical (hscs-wireless, hscs-pda) networks are available in the Health Sciences Library and the Medical Education Building. In such cases, the clinical option would give you more direct accessibility to some Health System applications without a VPN.